High-Quality Dental Implants At An Affordable Price

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth? Dental implants may be right for you. Implants can provide a permanent solution to missing teeth and will restore the original look and functionality of your smile. Smile Exchange is proud to offer patients high-quality, industry-leading dental implants at some of the most affordable prices in the Delaware Valley.

What Are Dental Implants?

Simply put, dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. They allow you to comfortably and confidently enjoy eating, smiling, laughing, and talking without having to worry about a missing tooth or teeth.

You can think of dental implants as artificial tooth roots, similar in shape and structure to screws. The implants are carefully secured into your jawbone where they bond with your bone to create a sturdy hold, just like that of a natural tooth. These implants then become a base for supporting one or more artificial teeth, called crowns.

In most cases, dental implants are generally considered a superior alternative to partial dentures or other tooth replacement options because they are permanent and look and function like normal teeth. You care for them just like you would your other teeth and you don’t have to stress about them getting lost or falling out.

When performed by trained and experienced dentists like the ones at Smile Exchange, dental implant surgery is one of the safest and most predictable procedures in dentistry.

Will Having Dental Implants Be Painful?

While placing the implant, your mouth will be numb to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Afterward, you may experience some discomfort or tenderness in your gums as you heal. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relievers will be enough to reduce any minor discomfort you may experience and applying an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time will help reduce inflammation.

A diet of soft foods may be ideal for a few days following your procedure. As soon as you feel comfortable, however, you can ease back into your normal eating routine. To take care of your dental implant, simply brush and floss as you normally would.

What Advantages Do Implants Offer?

Dental implants offer patients a variety of advantages over other tooth replacement procedures.

  • Dental implants look and work just like natural teeth.
  • Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are permanent.
  • Dental implants replace the need for a removable full or partial denture, which can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.
  • You care for implants just as you would your normal teeth.
  • They help you look and feel your best.

Southeastern Pennsylvania’s Dental Implant Experts

At Smile Exchange, we care about your health and happiness. We offer a wide range of affordable solutions to help our patients and their families achieve the smiles of their dreams. You’ll love our welcoming environment, friendly staff, industry-leading price transparency, and of course, our exceptional results.