Family Dentistry

Smile Exchange is experienced in providing dental care to children and families. Patients of all ages love our personalized approach to care, welcoming environment, and friendly staff. 

We understand that many children are afraid of going to the dentist. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that your children have an enjoyable experience at the dentist and develop a positive outlook on dental care that they will carry with them into their adult lives. 

When your children come into our office, they will be welcomed by friendly staff and receive considerate care throughout the duration of their visit, and at the end, they will be allowed to choose a toy or other goodie from our treasure chest!

Attainable Care for the Whole Family

We understand that finding time to visit the dentist can be challenging for parents, so we do our best to accommodate busy schedules by offering extended office hours and walk-in appointments. We also strive to make dental care affordable with our Patient Loyalty Plan for uninsured families and flexible payment options such as CareCredit.

Teaching Your Children Good Oral Health Habits at a Young Age

At Smile Exchange, we care about the wellbeing of our patients and their families. We stress the importance of teaching children oral health habits at a young age, showing them that visits to the dentist shouldn’t be stressful or scary – they can even be fun!

Good oral health habits start at home, so we’ve developed a list of helpful tips for parents who are beginning to teach their children how to take care of their teeth and gums.

1. Let your child watch you brush and floss your teeth.

Children are excellent at learning from observing what their parents do. Providing a hands-on demonstration of how to brush and floss will show your child that taking care of their teeth can be an easy part of their daily routine – and if you do it, they’ll want to do it, too!

2. Find a toothpaste that your child likes.

If your child hates the taste of their toothpaste, they’re not going to want to brush their teeth. Cool, minty toothpastes might feel refreshing to you, but they can be too harsh and intense for children. Choosing a toothpaste that your child likes will encourage them to brush more regularly. If you need help choosing a great toothpaste for your child, the dentists at Smile Exchange can offer suggestions.

3. Make up a game.

Children love to have fun, so incorporating oral care into playtime can be a great idea. If your child learns to associate brushing and flossing with fun and laughter, this will help solidify a positive perception of oral care in their minds.

4. Offer rewards.

Another way to encourage your child to develop good oral health habits is to offer rewards based on consistently brushing and flossing. Place stickers on the calendar each day that your child remembers to brush and floss, and at the end of the week, offer a reward that your child responds well to. Rewarding good behavior is a strong way to reinforce the importance of routine oral hygiene in your child’s mind.

5. Visit your dentist regularly.

Exposing your child to the dentist and creating a positive perception early on is important. If your child learns to associate the dentist with excitement and fun from the beginning, getting them to go will be easier moving forward. 

At Smile Exchange, we are dedicated to providing a fun and comfortable environment for children. Our friendly and comforting staff constantly receive positive feedback from parents and always strive to provide an exceptional experience to children of all ages.

Quality Family Dentistry in Springfield and Malvern, PA

Taking care of your smile is part of your daily routine, and as part of that, visiting your local family dentist for regular check-ups is important. Smile Exchange provides a wide range of family dentistry services in Malvern and Springfield, PA designed to enhance your oral health and hygiene. For an appointment call our team today at (484) 341-7568.