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General Dentistry

At Smile Exchange, we strive to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health so that you look and feel your best. We offer a complete suite of general dentistry services under one roof. From routine oral examinations and teeth cleanings to fillings and restorative procedures, we aim to be a long-term care provider for you and your family.

Routine Care
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Cavities and
Restorative Care

When should you see a dentist?

Many people underplay the importance of regular dental check-ups. According to the ADA, 42 percent of Americans don’t see a dentist as often as they would like, beating out their primary care doctor (29 percent), dermatologist (23 percent), and ophthalmologist (17 percent). Oral health has a direct impact on overall physical health, so we hope to encourage more people to visit the dentist on a regular basis by providing high-quality care to everybody, regardless of insurance or financial status.

As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Many people only go to the dentist when something is wrong. This is a shame, however, because seeing your dentist on a regular basis can help you avoid discomfort and additional expenses down the road. You should see your dentist at least twice per year in order to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and that oral health issues, should they arise, are discovered and treated in a timely manner.

At Smile Exchange, your routine dental visits will include a thorough oral examination and a professional teeth cleaning to make sure your smile stays healthy and beautiful. If you are due for a dental visit, reach out to Smile Exchange and see why patients consistently write 5-star reviews about the quality of our care.

Linh Luu
09:27 18 Sep 20
I had a great experience. Wonderful dentist! Staff are very friendly! The dentist answered all of my questions and options. I would recommend the office to all of my friends and family!!!

Claire Archawski
19:20 11 Nov 20
Very welcoming staff who makes you feel comfortable with an experienced Dentist who created a positive solution to my dental concerns without solely looking for the profit margin. I recommend this place very much.

Emily Swanger
16:41 13 Dec 20
Dr. Crow and the staff here are amazing. I recently had two scalings and a filling done, and I didn't feel a thing! These are procedures I would have been terrified to get with my old dentist, but here they make sure you're 100% comfortable and numb before they begin. Everyone here is also very patient and friendly, and I've never sat in the waiting room for more than five minutes. I used to be afraid of the dentist and now I don't mind going. I would highly recommend this place.

No dental insurance? No problem. Our Patient Loyalty Plan makes it possible for you to get the dental care you need at a price you can afford.

With a membership to our Patient Loyalty Plan, you will receive two exams, two cleanings, two oral screenings, X-Rays, and one emergency visit annually (a $634 value) as well as 30% off most specialized dental services.